Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Fashionisto : Chimes in Sound of Silence

Photographer Hakim Satriyo
Stylist Aldi Indrajaya. 
Model Mateusz @Posh

This one goes out to Hakim car  ^__^

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Indonesia Tatler January 2011 : Bold Season

Photographer Grace Gunawan.  Stylist Aldi Indrajaya. 
Model Vien Febrina.  Make-up &  Hair Nuke Galdira for Lancome.
Editor Amadea Maya. Shot at Lukimages Studio.

Ben Trovato Exclusives : Baby, let me love you

Photographer Grace Gunawan.   Stylist Aldi Indrajaya.   Make-up & Hair Philips Kwok
Models Tania Kudashkina @ 21mm & Juliette Pishnyak@ VTM.  
Stylist assistant  Bonniedegio Courto.   Photographer assistant Steve Wahyu.

  Thanks to Ben Trovato and Marius Troy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spread of The Day: Leda

Nadja Auermann as mythical Leda by Helmut Newton, Vogue US June, 1994.

As shocking as I seen  mighty Zeus in form of a swan in the picture, surprisingly this sensual frame comes from the prude Vogue US.  And  I always bumped with interesting article when all I want to seek is a  grinding picture.  This time is about something that we already know about Vogue US, Anna Wintour and boredom.  Read it yourself here,  it might gave you revelation or maybe not. Anyway..



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